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Mario Reis is associate professor at Fluminense Federal University at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; where he heads a group with active graduates and post-docs researchers and he usually gives lectures on advanced topics on Condensed Matter for the graduate level. Prof. Reis received his PhD (2003) from the Brazilian Center for Researcher in Physics (Rio de Janeiro) and University of Aveiro (Portugal), on experimental and theoretical Condensed Matter Physics.

Nowadays, Prof. Reis' research interests include activities on quantum oscillations, half-metals for spintronic applications, magnetocaloric effect, molecular magnets, quantum information on magnetic materials and nanomagnetism. Prof. Reis keeps a regular international scientific cooperation with several universities across the world, including countries like Chile, EUA, Russia, China, and Portugal. Prof. Reis published two books on Magnetism (one by Elsevier) and co-authored over a hundred of peer-reviewed international journals on those subjects mentioned above. He is also editor of two international Journals published by Elsevier: Physica B: Condensed Matter and Physics Open.

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