Personal details

Name: Mario de Souza Reis Junior (M.S. Reis)
Birth date: 04/01/1976
Birth place: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Citizenship: Brazilian and Portuguese
E-mail: or
Phone: + 55 21 26295847


Present Position

Associate professor
Physics Institute
Fluminense Federal University-UFF
Av. General Milton Tavares de Souza, s/n
24210-346, Niterói-Rio de Janeiro-Brazil



1993-1997: B.Sc. (physics). Rio de Janeiro Federal University-UFRJ, Brazil.
1998-2000: M.Sc. (physics). Brazilian Center for Research in Physics-CBPF, Brazil.
2000-2003: Ph.D (physics). Brazilian Center for Research in Physics-CBPF, Brazil AND Aveiro University, Portugal.

2003-2005: post-doc, Aveiro Institute of Materials-CICECO, Aveiro University, Portugal


Research activities and interests

Grand area: condensed matter; magnetism and magnetic materials; nanomagnetism.
Present activities: quantum oscillations, half-metals for spintronic applications,
multi-caloric effect, molecular magnets, quantum information on magnetic materials, energy 
optimisation, new materials for emerging technologies. Theoretical and experimental works.

International cooperation with:

China, Russia, Portugal, USA, Chile, UK. 

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