New synthesis processes in chemistry have been opening doors to a new world of research; and a wide variety of new and surprising compounds, never found before in Nature, could be synthesised. Among these new materials are the molecular magnets (MMs): materials, oftentimes organic, with few metal centres connected to each other and magnetic properties usually consequence of their intrinsic quantum behaviour.


In addition to the wonderful experience of exploring something new, theoretical models that describe their magnetic behaviour are, in most of the cases, analytically solved, enabling to know in details the physical mechanisms that rule these materials. Furthermore, these new magnetic phenomena promise to lead to revolutionary technologies, opening an exciting new technological application prospect in several areas, as on quantum information and computation, magnetic refrigeration, high density data storage, photo-induced magnetism and spintronics, just to name a few.


However, a careful understanding of the fundamental questions behind these materials still needs attention, especially those related to some quantum behaviours (starting point for new and emerging technologies). Thus, new materials still need to be synthesised and magnetically understood to then be used in those applications above mentioned.


Aplications to quantum information

Our primary aims are the detection and quantication of quantum correlations in molecular magnets for applications in quantum information and solve the problem of how far quantum effects in macroscopic systems can survive at finite temperatures, as well as important consequences for processing and transmission of quantum information. Our results strengthen the fact that the molecular magnets may be somewhat imune to decohering mechanism, allowing the survival of quantum effects at room temperature. This opens a new and exciting prospect for processing and implementation of quantum information, as well as to discover and understand the limits of the quantum world.


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